Innovative Technologies – Belted Magnum Collet Resizing Die: Review

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Well, deer season is upon us and like many other hunters we buy some new hunting gear, set up our blinds, put out a feed plot, and most importantly we head out to the range to ensure our rifles are … Continue reading

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.303 British to .410 Shotshell Conversion

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So, I’m a little pumped about being able to reload my own .410 shot-shells without a shot-shell reloading press so I head out to the not-so-local skeet range to do some hull scavenging.  I get there a day after a … Continue reading

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Reloading Shot Shells Without a Reloading Press

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As Christmas sneaks up just a couple months away I’ve considered buying my 8 year old son a youth shotgun as his first firearm.  I like the 20 gauge due to its capabilities and versatility; however I also like the … Continue reading

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What’s the Buzz About? Free Beeswax!

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If you are a bullet caster then you likely are aware that one of the more precious bullet lube ingredients is beeswax.  Beeswax has been an ingredient for bullet lubes for centuries.  Its purpose is to help prevent leading of … Continue reading

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Cost Cutting Solutions for Shooting

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As the price of ammunition and other gun-related necessities continues to climb it only makes common sense to try and keep the cost of shooting to a minimum.  We can either shoot less and be at the mercy of inflation, … Continue reading

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Get a Grip!

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How many of you have seen this?  Weak-hand supporting the strong hand as if to help support the weight of the gun.  What is the benefit of this grip?  None.  Ironically, this photo is taken from a book on shooting … Continue reading

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New Gun Room Finished!!! Whoo Hoo!!!

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Ok, maybe it’s not that big of a deal – but not being able to do any “gun related” activity ’cause my stuff was in a pile while I worked on my gun room just about drove me nuts. That’s … Continue reading

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Make-Up for an Old Czech – DuraCoat Project

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Nothing helps an old chick’s beauty more than a day at the parlor.  Fixing the hair, manicure, and of course painting up the face to cover the wrinkles, cracks and blemishes.  Likewise, the same can be said for an old … Continue reading

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Reloading the 7.62 Nagant Revolver

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Reloading for this unique and complicated seven-shot revolver is simple using commercial once-fired brass, it’s more accurate and much cheaper than buying commercial ammo.  The Nagant Revolver, designed in 1886 by Emile & Léon Nagant (production began 1895) is unique … Continue reading

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8mm Lebel to .41 Swiss Cartridge Conversion

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If you own a Swiss Vetterli than you’ve most certainly discovered the unique rimfire cartridge it was designed to fire – and it’s been obsolete since around 1942.  That is unless you either purchase from a vendor converted .348 Winchester … Continue reading

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