TTC-33 Tokarev Semi-Auto Pistol

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Field Disassembly & Assembly Instructions

Ensure the firearm is pointed in a safe direction, depress the magazine release and remove the magazine.

Pull the slide to rear and visually inspect chamber to ensure a round is not in the firearm.

Using a punch or other small tool, depress the recoil spring lug located beneath the barrel’s muzzle.  At the same time, rotate the barrel bushing either direction while keeping the recoil spring lug compressed.

Use caution as the recoil spring is under extreme pressure, relieve the pressure on the recoil spring.  Remove the barrel bushing.

On the right side of the firearm is the slide stop pin retaining spring.  Using a wooden dowel, slide the slide stop retaining spring rearward.

Remove the slide stop pin.

Remove the slide from the lower frame.

Remove the recoil spring and, if desired, remove the recoil spring plug from the spring.

Remove the barrel by lifting it slightly and sliding it through the muzzle of the frame.

Remove the hammer assembly from the frame.

Firearm is disassembled.

Assembly Instructions

Place the hammer assembly back onto the frame.

Install the barrel by inserting it through the muzzle of the slide.

Install the recoil spring plug into the recoil spring.

Install the recoil spring into the slide ensuring the curved side rests against the barrel.

Install the slide back onto the frame, aligning the rails.

Install the slide stop pin into the hole on the left side of the frame while ensuring the pin also goes through the barrel linkage hole, then through the other side of the frame.

Using a wooden dowel, push the slide stop pin retaining spring forward towards the muzzle and ensure the spring is secured, holding the slide stop pin in place.

Depress the recoil spring into the slide, holding it flush with end of the muzzle with your thumb while inserting the barrel bushing into the slide.

Rotate the barrel bushing down until it locks in place with the recoil spring.

Insert magazine.

Place firearm on safe by rotating the safety lever upward.

Firearm is reassembled.

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