Polish P-64 Semi-Auto Pistol

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Field Disassembly and Assembly Instructions

Ensure the firearm is pointed in a safe direction.

Release the magazine by depressing the magazine catch rearward.

Remove the magazine.

Pull the slide to the rear and visually inspect chamber to ensure a round is not in the firearm.

Pull the trigger guard downward and to the left.  Let the trigger guard rest upon the frame in the position shown above.

Pull the slide rearward and allow the slide to release from the slide rails.

Lift the slide off the lower frame.

Remove the recoil spring from the barrel.

The firearm is disassembled for cleaning and inspection.

Assembly Instructions

Reinstall the recoil spring onto the barrel.  Spring should be installed so the tighter end of the spring is installed onto the barrel first.

While compressing the recoil spring with the slide, install the slide onto the front of the barrel.

To complete the slide installation continue to push the slide to the rear to it’s full recoil position.  Align the slide and frame rails and release the slide.

Shown above is the slide installed.

Pull the trigger guard away from the frame and let it reset back into the frame.

Insert the magazine.

Place the safety on by depressing the safety lever downward.

Firearm is reassembled.

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