CZ-82 Semi-Auto Pistol

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Field Disassembly & Assembly Instructions

Ensure firearm is pointed in a safe direction, depress the magazine release.

Remove magazine.

Pull the slide to rear and visually inspect chamber to ensure a round is not in the firearm.

Pull down and slightly forward on the trigger guard until it locks in the downward position.

Pull slide to the rear and upward to remove from frame.

Disassembled for cleaning and inspection.

Assembly Instructions

To reassemble, place the recoil spring onto the barrel.

Place the slide over the recoil spring and push slide to rear, then downward onto frame and allow the slide to return to its normal position.

Depress the trigger guard back into the frame of the firearm.  Reinsert magazine.  Place firearm on safety or decock the hammer.

Firearm is reassembled.

Firing Pin Removal

If you wish to clean or inspect the firing pin and spring, you can do so by removing the gate which holds the firing pin in place.  Warning: ensure you use caution in removing the firing pin as it is under spring tension and, without caution, will spring rapidly out of the firing pin channel and get lost or cause injury.

Using a punch, depress the rear of the firing pin to clear the gate’s hole and push downward on the gate.

Gate is removed and the firing pin and spring can now be removed.

Firing pin removal complete.

To reinstall firing pin, place firing pin spring over firing pin and place inside firing pin channel.

Place the gate into it’s channel, slide it up to where it catches the edge of the firing pin.  Depress the firing pin and continue closing the gate to secure the firing pin.

Firing pin reassembly is complete.

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