CZ-52 Semi-Auto Pistol

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Field Disassembly & Assembly Instructions

 Ensure the firearm is pointed in a safe direction.  Remove the magazine by depressing the magazine catch at the rear of the grip.

Remove the magazine from the firearm.

Pull the slide to the rear and inspect the chamber to ensure there are no bullets in the firearm.

Pull the take-down latch in a downward direction to release the slide from the frame.  As you pull down you’ll observe the slide move forward and detach from the frame.

Lift the slide off the frame.

To remove the barrel, use a punch and insert it in the hole between the rollers located inside the slide.  With the barrel pointed toward yourself, firmly pull the barrel toward yourself, compressing the recoil spring, then upward and out of the slide.

Remove the recoil spring from the barrel.  Disassembly is complete.

Assembly Instructions

Install the recoil spring onto the barrel.  Insert the barrel into the slide muzzle first – leaving the rear to be installed next.

Using the punch, insert the punch into the hole between the rollers and pull the slide toward you, guiding the rollers and rear of the barrel into place.

The slide does not slide on from the front of the frame, but rather is brought downward onto the frame.

Place the slide on top of the frame by setting the slide approximately 1/4″ from rear of frame.  Once the frame is flush with the frame, rack the slide rearward to engage the take-down latch.

Insert the magazine, and either decock or place the firearm on safety.

Assembly is complete.

Firing Pin Removal

To remove the firing pin, orientate the barrel’s muzzle so it is pointing upward.  Using a punch, depress the firing pin catch located on the underside, toward the rear of the frame.

The firing pin should drop out of the firing pin channel.

Remove the firing pin catch.

To reinstall the firing pin, place the firing pin catch back into the slide with the cutout to the left.  Place the firing pin into the firing pin hole with it’s cutout to the right.

Depress the firing pin catch and the firing will drop back into the firing pin channel.  Release the firing pin catch.  Firing pin is reinstalled.


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