1911-A1 Automatic Colt Pistol

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Field Disassembly & Assembly Instructions

Ensure the firearm is pointed in a safe direction, depress the magazine release and remove the magazine.

Pull the slide to the rear and visually inspect chamber to ensure a round is not in the firearm.

Press down on the recoil spring plug, at the same time turning the barrel bushing clockwise to release the recoil spring and recoil spring plug from the slide.

Use caution as the recoil spring is under pressure and could launch the the recoil spring plug.

Rotate the barrel bushing counter clockwise until it stops. Remove the barrel bushing from the frame and set it and the recoil spring plug aside.

Pull the slide to the rear until the rear of the slide release lever is directly under the rear, circular notch on the frame.

Depress the slide stop pin on the right side of the frame.

Remove the slide stop lever from the left side of the frame, pulling it through the slide.

Pull the slide forward and off the frame.

Remove the recoil spring and recoil spring guide from the slide.

Pull the barrel out of the front of the slide.

Firearm is disassembled.

Assembly Instructions

Slide the barrel into the slide.

Place the recoil spring guide and recoil spring through the slide, ensuring the curved bottom of the recoil spring guide rests against the barrel.

While holding the recoil spring and recoil spring guide in place, install the slide onto the frame rails.

Aligning the barrel linkage hole with the slide stop hole in the frame, insert the slide stop pin into the slide stop hole.

Rotate the slide stop upwards and in, through the frame, slightly depressing the slide stop retaining plunger to secure it in place.  Caution should be used to not scratch the frame as you rotate the slide stop upwards.

Install the recoil spring plug onto the recoil spring.

  Install the barrel bushing into the slide and rotate it counter-clockwise until it stops.

Depress the recoil spring plug and recoil spring so it is flush with the frame.  Rotate the barrel bushing clockwise until it secures the recoil spring in place.

Insert an empty magazine into the firearm.

Push up on the thumb safety, placing the firearm on “safe”.

Firearm is reassembled.

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