1895 Nagant Revolver

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Field Disassembly and Assembly Instructions

Ensure the firearm is pointed in a safe direction.

Open the loading gate and inspect each cylinder to ensure no bullets are loaded.

Turn the ejector rod counter clockwise 1/2 turn.  Pull the ejector rod forward and out of the frame.

Rotate the ejector rod sleeve counter clockwise.

Line up the two marks located on the left side of the frame and the ejector sleeve.

Pull the cylinder pin forward from the frame and lay aside.

Remove cylinder from frame.  Rotate the cylinder rod and remove from cylinder.  Remove spring.  Disassembly is complete.

Reassembly Instructions

To reassemble, install cylinder spring onto cylinder rod.  Insert cylinder rod into cylinder and rotate to secure into place.

Ensure loading gate is open.  Insert cylinder into frame from the right side.

Insert cylinder pin back into the frame.

Rotate ejector rod clockwise to realign ejector rod hole in frame.

Slide ejector rod back into frame and rotate the ejector rod clockwise 1/2 turn.

Close the loading gate.  Firearm is reassembled.

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