Food for Thought – Electromagnetic Pulse and Firearms

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Well, as I’m watching what’s going on with North Korea’s nuclear weapons development (what a nut job that guy is), and listening to the audio book “One Second After” my thoughts turned to how am I positioned as far as my firearms and an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP).  Well, what can an EMP due to a gun after all, right?  Well, not much…however, what did cross my mind was access to my firearms.

A high altitude nuclear weapon detonation above North America can cripple our electrical grid considerably.  Even worse, a detonation from a submarine or ship in international waters straight up in the air (not needing to detonate over US land) would cripple the east coast grid.  Or even more “unexpectedly” a Solar Flare causing a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) that is completely unpredictable and powerful as the Carrington Event.

I soon realized that my gun safes were very susceptible to an EMP.  Specifically,  my electronic-keyed gun safes.

If things really get bad and I need my primary rifles and shotguns they are locked in an electronic keyed safe without access if chaos occurred due to an EMP event.  That’s not good – in fact, it’s quite a bad situation.  So, if you own an electronic keyed safe be mindful that in the event of an EMP you may have restricted access to your “go to” firearms.  Restricted, because as you all know anything can be broken into – even if it’s by the owner; but I for one would not want to have to take the time to do that, and furthermore destroy a perfectly good safe.  Besides, if an EMP did happen…good luck getting power tools running to break in.

One last thought – since modern society (modern meaning, one of which relies upon electronic gadgets as much as the USA does) has not experienced an EMP it is rather uncertain as to what will be affected by either a solar or man-made EMP.  However, I don’t want to find out after it happens that I can’t access my firearms.  Just saying… food for thought.

Couple of links:

If you are interested in receiving Space Weather Alerts (i.e., EMP alerts) NOAA Space Weather has a subscription service to alerts… that way you won’t be in the dark regarding EMPs (pun intended).

NOAA Space Weather Subscription

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