Mauser Bolt Disassembly & Reassembly

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The Mauser Bolt


Prior to removing the bolt from the firearm, orientate the safety lever so that it is pointing straight upward as shown.  Once done, remove the bolt from the firearm.

Depress the retaining pin on the bolt sleeve with your thumb (upward and in).

Above photo show the retaining pin pressed into the bolt sleeve.  Turn the bolt counter clockwise to unscrew it from the bolt body while depressing the retaining pin.

After completely unscrewing the bolt sleeve from the bolt body, remove it from the bolt body.

Rotate the extractor until it rests outside the grove on the front of the bolt body.

Slide the extractor upward and off the bolt body.  Note the channel the lug fits into on the extractor. Important for reassembly.

Using a piece of wood or paper-pad, hold the firing pin against it for resistance to remove the  cocking piece.

Push down hard on the bolt safety lever until the cocking sleeve clears the bolt sleeve and turn the cocking sleeve in either direction to remove it.

Remove the cocking sleeve.

With the cocking piece now removed, slowly relieve the firing pin spring pressure and allow the spring to fully expand.

Remove the bolt sleeve.

Remove the firing pin spring.

Turn the safety lever to the right, lift and remove.

Disassembly of the bolt is complete.

Bolt Reassembly

To reassemble, slide the extractor over the lug on the bolt body.

Above shows the alignment of the extractor lined up with the channel on the bolt body.

Pushing the extractor to the left, allow the extractor to enter in the channel on the bolt and rotate the extractor all the way until it stops.

Insert the safety lever into the bolt sleeve.

Slide the firing pin spring onto the firing pin.

Place the bolt sleeve onto the firing pin and place the other end onto a pad of paper or wood block.

Using the safety lever to assist, depress the bolt sleeve downward to full compress the firing pin spring.

Place the cocking sleeve onto the firing pin.

With the cocking sleeve in this position with the bolt, allow the main spring to fully expand, locking the cocking sleeve into place.

Insert the firing pin assembly into the bolt body.

Place the safety lever in the 12 o’clock position and rotate the bolt sleeve clockwise completely…

…until it stops into this position.

Rotate the extractor so it aligns with the large lug on the bolt body as shown.  Install bolt into firearm to complete the reassembly.


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