Steyr M95 Bolt Disassembly & Reassembly

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The Steyr M95 Rifle Bolt


To disassemble, remove the bolt from the firearm.  If the bolt remains cocked when the bolt is removed, decock the bolt by tapping on the bolt head.

Pull the cocking piece to the rear.

While holding the cocking piece rearward, turn the bolt safety downward so the safety is “on”.  This will allow the cocking piece to turn freely.

Continue to hold the safety to “on” and rotate the cocking piece counter-clockwise until it completely unscrews from the bolt.

Next, pull the bolt-head from the bolt body.  It will rotate as you pull it out.

Once the bolt head is removed the extractor can be removed.

Unscrew the bolt retainer nut turning it clock-wise.  Use caution as the the firing pin is under pressure and can fly out and cause injury or damage.

Remove the firing pin from bolt body.

Remove and set aside the bolt retainer nut.

Remove the firing pin spring from the firing pin.

Disassembly of the bolt is complete.

Bolt Reassembly

To reassemble, slide the firing pin spring onto the firing pin.

Slide the firing pin (and spring) into the bolt body.

While compressing the firing pin spring deep inside the bolt body turn the bolt retainer nut clockwise completely, securing the firing pin to the bolt body.

Align the channel on the bolt retainer nut with the same channel on the bolt body.

Next, rotate the firing pin carefully so that the flat side of the firing pin aligns with the slot in the bolt head.

Slide the bolt head into the bolt body approximately 1/3 the way.  The bolt should rotate slightly at this time.

This part is a little tricky.  Place the extractor onto the bolt head.  To do this, slide the bottom of the extractor into the bolt channel (shown under my thumb).  The extractor should be placed over the slot of the bolt head at this time.

Next, slide the bolt head all the way into the bolt body.

Next we need to install the cocking piece. Turn the safety downward (or to the “fire” position).  This will allow the cocking piece to go all the down to the threads of the firing pin and allow for it to screw on to the firing pin threads.

While holding the safety “off”, install the cocking piece.

Rotate the cocking piece clockwise until it stops…then reverse it until it aligns as shown below.

This is how it should look (above) at this point.

Bolt assembly is complete.


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