Stuck Case in Sizing Die – Bingham LTD Case Removal Tool

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As reloader, it is almost inevitable that at some time or another you’ll end up with a piece of brass stuck in your sizing die.  Without the proper tool it can be a very frustrating experience.  One simple tool you can purchase (or even make yourself) is a Case Removal Tool.

The Case Removal tool that I purchased is manufactured by Bingham LTD, PO Box 47026, Atlanta GA 30362.  I actually purchased this item from the local Gun-Mart and not directly through the manufacturer.  However, MidwayUSA does sell similar products manufactured by RCBS, Hornady, and Redding.  This tool can save a lot of headache and frustration – so let’s see how it works.

The case removal tool contains most of the tools necessary to remove a stuck case.  The product contains the following: a 1/4 – 20 Carbide Tap, 5mm (.200″) drill bit, a Hex bolt, an Allen wrench and a metal bushing.

Tools that are not enclosed, but are necessary are a power-drill and a T-Handle Hex wrench.

Here, I’ve inserted a 7.62x38r case into a sizing die without lube and, fairly easily, tore off a portion of the thin rim.  We first need to remove the decapping pin which is visibly protruding through the primer hole.



Remove the decapping pin.  Shown is a Lee Precision sizing die.





Screw the sizing die into your reloading press from the bottom, with the case protruding through the top of the press.  This will stabilize the die while you work on it.  This step is not necessary if you were fortunate enough to have been born with a third hand and kung-fu grip.


Secure the sizing die from below with a wrench since the torque of the drill will cause the die to unscrew itself from the press without doing so.  Next, drill out the primer pocket all the way through the case head.



Using the 1/4 – 20 tap and a T-handle Hex wrench slowly begin threading the hole you just drilled.  Even though it is brass, still consider going slowly, backing out occasionally to remove the shavings and use some oil.  Breaking a tap off is NOT a good thing.


Once you’ve created threads all the way through the hole you’ve drilled, take the bushing and place it on top of the die as shown.




Next, thread the hex bolt into the bushing and allow it to begin threading into the threaded hole you’ve just made.




Continue torquing down the hex bolt using  the Allen wrench.




Keep turning until the case is removed from the die.  Ta Da!

This is a very simple process that takes only a few minutes to accomplish and can save a lot of headache by just having the right tools available.



Safe Shooting!

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