Mosin Nagant Shoots High – Front Sight Quick Fix

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So ya’ got a Mosin Nagant rifle and it’s shooting high, or maybe you’re eyes aren’t what they used to be and the front sight blade is hard to see – well, here’s a quick, cheap fix for both problems.

First, you’ll need a utility knife and some 12 gauge electrical wire (14 gauge is too small).



Start by cutting a few inches of electrical wiring, then strip off the outer insulation. 




Next, remove the outer insulation from the black and white wires, keeping them in tact.




Slide the insulation over the front post.



Take your rifle to the range and adjust the height of the insulation as needed to lower your point of impact.

Remember, to lower the point of impact raise your front sight post.

Pretty simple fix but it sure makes a differences as to how your rifle shoots.  Plus, for those of us with eyes that aren’t getting any better, the white insulation sure helps making the front sight stand out.

Safe Shooting!


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