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Self-Defense 9×18 Makarov in a Surplus Pistol

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One of the best priced handguns available on the surplus market is the Polish P64.  Despite its heavy double action trigger pull and six round magazine the P64 can serve as a nice compact conceal carry weapon, or a back-up … Continue reading

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Size Does Matter! – Slugging a Surplus Rifle Barrel

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If you have any experience with surplus military firearms you know that it is often times a crap shoot as to the condition of the firearm when you get it, particularly, firearms purchased through online resources.  Many surplus firearms have … Continue reading

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Stuck Case in Sizing Die – Bingham LTD Case Removal Tool

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As reloader, it is almost inevitable that at some time or another you’ll end up with a piece of brass stuck in your sizing die.  Without the proper tool it can be a very frustrating experience.  One simple tool you … Continue reading

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Mosin Nagant Shoots High – Front Sight Quick Fix

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So ya’ got a Mosin Nagant rifle and it’s shooting high, or maybe you’re eyes aren’t what they used to be and the front sight blade is hard to see – well, here’s a quick, cheap fix for both problems. … Continue reading

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