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Some of the hottest electronic gadgets available to consumers these days are E-Book Readers, such as Kindles, Nooks, as well as Netbook and Notebook computers and Tablets.  Technology has made it so that if you enjoy reading you can carry literally thousands of books, manuals and magazines with you as you travel.  What is even better is there is enough free digital media available for download to keep you busy for days of reading.  If you enjoy reading and learning about firearms let me share with you where you can get a lot of free, or extremely inexpensive firearm magazines and other related digital reading material.

American Handgunner Magazines offers a free digital version of their monthly magazine online.  Simply go to this link to download the latest issue, as well as previous issues.  Guns Magazine also offers a free monthly magazine, as well as previous issues at this link.  Shooting Industry Magazine offers a free monthly magazine, as well as previous issues at this link.  For the law enforcement fellas, American Cop Magazine is at this link.  All at no cost!  That’s at least a total of $25.00 savings off the cover prices of these magazines each month.

If that isn’t enough, for just $20 a year Wolfe Publishing offers three bi-monthly magazines; Successful Hunter Magazine, Handloader Magazine, and Rifle Magazine.  A huge savings off cover prices when sold in stores.

Several Firearm Manuals and Books are Available here and here. Caution, don’t over do it as the site owner may lock you out per his warning.

If you don’t mind the risk of using torrents: Reloading Magazines Tons More (see Guns, Reloading, Gun Periodicals & Gunsmithing)


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